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HH Rods and Reels Mission Statement

HH Rods and Reels mission is to create the best crappie flippin’, dippin’, pullin’, shootin’, and pushin’ rods and reels at a price that does not discriminate. We have a passion for crappie fishing we’d love to share, and we believe everyone should have affordable access to the sport.

No one is harder on rods and reels than a guide. So, I have put my product in the hands of some of the best crappie guides I personally know to put them to the test. Many days on the water and consulting with fellow fisherman, together we have developed a great line of rods and reels. We strive to stay on top of cutting edge techniques and materials as technology improves.

We are dedicated to promoting the sport of fishing, build solid relationships and create lasting memories for everyone on the water. Donating a percentage of profits to national veterans’ organizations, product to kids rodeos and time to youth in our area who want to learn the sport.

HH Rods and Reels ultimate goal is to give over the top customer service. We will be honest and trustworthy no matter where it takes us.